U.S. Chamber of Commerce Member 2021

Bface Beauty Supply your one-stop shop for all your ethnic hair care and beauty needs. Bface offers the best in what's out now and is always willing to lend a helping hand, therefore if you see something in comparison to a price against ours, we will beat that price, we are not a Walmart in price checking but for beauty? We try. 

Welcome to Bface Beauty Supply.  We have a new deal for you customers all who support or have supported Bface beauty supply we are offering you the satisfaction of knowing that if you can not make it or need assistance with your personal beauty supplies we will provide the service up to within a 30 -mile radius to deliver you your items for a $50 purchase or more 

J. Doss


BFACE  BEAUTY  SUPPLY,  is owned and operated by individuals coming from the community, with knowledge and know how of what it would take to actually satisfy the consumer, with the knowledge and know how of use and application of products based in our store the customer gets the benefit of a real person with understanding of what it takes to complete your beautification needs. In short, we just don't sell our products we know our products and what would be right for you....

Our mission is to bring quality good hair care and skin  products to the community in allowing the consumer to identify with the individual where the sale is transacted at  right there in front with complete attention to your every imagination ...

Bface Beauty Supply

1221 Santee Street 

Los Angeles, Ca. 90015

Bface Beauty Supply